Registered in 2011, BORY is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the semiconductor field and dedicated to the research and development, design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of semiconductor high-end storage technology. The company's main products currently include solid-state drives, memory module and mobile encrypted storage. Headquartered in Shenzhen, known as China’s Silicon Valley, with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai;

The company established a storage R&D base in 2005, introduced Korean production, R&D, and testing equipment, adopted Samsung's high-speed SMT production line, won the national high-tech enterprise certification, and passed ISO9001 and other certification systems.

As a customer-centric company, Bory has the ability to respond quickly to the changing needs of the storage market to meet various storage needs. Bory provides a variety of products, the product line covers memory, solid state drives, flash memory cards, mobile hard drives and industrial-grade storage products, which can meet the storage needs of different people.

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the future, Bory has been surpassing itself, through advanced planning and continuous innovation, to provide users with products and services that are ahead of industry standards.

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